laravel auth如何实现的

/** * Create a new authentication controller instance. * * @param IlluminateContractsAuthGuard $auth * @param IlluminateContractsAuthRegistrar $registrar */ public function __constructGuard $auth, Registrar $registrar,Request $request { $this->auth = $auth; $this->registrar = $registrar; $this->request = $request; } public function postRegister { $data = $this->request->all; //调用AppServicesRegistrar里的validator $validator = $this->registrar->validator$data; if $validator->fails { $this->throwValidationException $this->request, $validator ; } $this->auth->login$this->registrar->create$data;//这里的login哪里实现的? return redirect/user; } //appProvidersAppServiceProvider.php public function register { //绑定实现IlluminateContractsAuthRegistrar接口的类AppServicesRegistrar,但没绑定auth的 $this->app->bind IlluminateContractsAuthRegistrar, AppServicesRegistrar ; } 

IlluminateAuthGuard 第430行

public function loginUserContract $user, $remember = false { $this->updateSession$user->getAuthIdentifier; // If the user should be permanently "remembered" by the application we will // queue a permanent cookie that contains the encrypted copy of the user // identifier. We will then decrypt this later to retrieve the users. if $remember { $this->createRememberTokenIfDoesntExist$user; $this->queueRecallerCookie$user; } // If we have an event dispatcher instance set we will fire an event so that // any listeners will hook into the authentication events and run actions // based on the login and logout events fired from the guard instances. $this->fireLoginEvent$user, $remember; $this->setUser$user; }

还有啥问题么= =?



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